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Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by mudman, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Since there seems to be alot of guys that want to build a longtail mudmotor, I've decided to put some drawings on the board here. I'm just giving the basics here. It is not rocket science to build one, and of course these drawings can be modified. This is a design that I personally like. Some guys like more shaft, some less.

    I did not show a mounting bracket, since I've seen many different types. You can mount it however you like. Also, there is a standard shaft coupling to connect the shafts (duh). The porposing plate is optional, but it helps if your balance is off.

    The drilled holes in the shaft tube are to lubricate the cutlass. These are necessary.

    I used aluminum in the design, but alot of other guys like steel. Steel does not have to be as thick as aluminum, and thus causes less drag. But steel will rust.

    Again, It's all personal preference.

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    Nice design, I printed it out to look at it.

    I'm not going to build one in the near future, but I might one day.
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    Haha... yall should look at the rickshaw motors website. they were promising two new motors..they tested both of them. go read what they say.. very funny.

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