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    For all those who have teenagers or crew, Isuggest you make them store their MP3 players away from flamables.

    Last week I sailed a client's 40m yacht from Bay of Islands mooring to Whangarei for some refit work with his teenage son along for the trip.

    His MP3 left in a stationary drawer caught fire starting a small fire in the drawer that if given time could have caused serious damage but we caught it in time.
    Earlier I had placed several wireless smoke alarms throught the yacht for the works program sent a msg to my cell phone before I could hear the alarm.

    Lesson learnt, all entertainment electronics are stored in the galley in a metal locker
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    Some years ago a mate of mine lost his boat when his sons game boy gizmo caught on fire.

    Beware of electronic gizmos plugged into the vessels power supply and left unattended
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