mounting an inboard engine

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by philcapper, Jul 1, 2012.

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    I have a 24' deep V fiberglass hull with 7'beam. I have converted the boat from outdrive to inboard and added a tunnel. the hull was gutted sandblasted and new stringers were added. My question is should I mount the small block 305 w/71Ctrans to the stringers with alum angle, or to blocks fiberglassed to the hull floor or a combination of both
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    stringers, and good luck
  3. gonzo
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    Either one works well if properly designed.
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    I prefer metal for several reasons, but both will work. How did you engineering the tunnel and laminate schedule?
  5. tunnels

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    Bolt hrough the stringers and make a mount down each side to pick up front and back mounts .
    Hope you stringers are strong !!
    So you have a tunnel ?? so wheres the propeller push transfered to?? the tunnel or the gear box on the motor ?? :?::confused:

  6. philcapper
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    I bought an older, classic fiberglass boat. 24' Spiklemier, made in St. Pete FL in 1963. (you can see a video on you tube under "dream boat project"). I gutted the hull, sandblasted the insides, installed new stringers and made a mold for the tunnel.Made the part and installed the tunnel, (fashioned after the tunnel used in the 24' Suncoast made years. ago here in south FL Still lots of work to do, but time now to install engine/trans , strut,rudder. Then the real glass work starts. 1 1/2 oz mat all over the new cabin, decks and cuddy,sand sand sand then trim out with Sapelle.
    I have more pictures but haven't posted them on you tube yet and can't figure out how to put them in this post.
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