motor choice on 10 ft hydroplane

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by racing fan, Dec 7, 2010.

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    I got an 10 ft hydroplane i posted up a little while ago i got all of the stuff about the hull done but i need to get the motor done and a good motor choice the motor i got is a heavy new never used 15 hp mercury short shaft racing lower unit 2 cylinder 4-stroke motor it weighs a lot i really don't want to use so i was thinking a yamato 102 or should i go with a yamato 302? note it's a old pic but same boat. it's in great shape now is that a good idea or would it just be best to mess with the motor i got make it a higher compression engine and stuff some racing fuels ect.

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    What boat is that and do you know where I can get the plans?

    Not looking for free plans.

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    I built one 40 years ago. It was speced for a 10 to 15 hp 2 stroke, the 10 hp weighed 80 lb's but I have no idea what the owner finally put on it.
    What does your 4 stroke weigh and how much do you weigh?
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    Put in a jetskie setup? You be Flynnnnnn....

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    Glenl has hydro plans.

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