Moth on Foils: 35.9 knots(41.29 mph)

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Doug Lord, Apr 11, 2006.

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    New competition format takes sporting world by storm!

    I'd kind of like to see some sort of fun "contest" that measured "How low you can go" or the lightest air takeoff....[/QUOTE]

    I heard somewhere recently that a top sporting journo, (probably a failed cyclist) suggested a new type of cycling competition. It was to be a "Slow Race", to be held over 25 yards. The winner is the last person to cross the finish line. It was trialed in Bangkok in peak hour dowtown traffic, and had so many people watching that it was deemed a record attendance. In fact a great photo of the race appeared recently on the cover of "Velo News".
    The problem is that the race which was started at 8 am local time July the 20th. in Thialand, hasn't ended yet. It is conservatively estimated that 29 million people have attended the event so far, and has captured the imagination of the World Cycling Federation. INFORMED SOURCES say that it seems highly likely to replace the Mens Road Race in Beijing 2008. :rolleyes:
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    Sorry folks, and I apologize for writing something at a tangent to the discussion, but we are getting thoroughly bored asking Doug, "where is all the interest in a new eagely awaited "Peoples Foiler"?
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    gggGuest ...

    Slowraces are great fun, but not especially new. We used to organise them with the kids doing motorcycle training. The caveat is that if you put a toe on the ground you then have to move to the front of the pack. It only really works with semi novices though: really skilled riders can balace a bike when stationary.
  4. Doug Lord

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    Moth on Foils -say what?

    Now this is ridiculous: Fast racing dinghy - Sailing Anarchy Forums
    A thread on Dinghy Anarchy about a "Fast Racing Dinghy" and not a single comment from the illustrous "Foilr" or anyone else from the Moth class-and I found only one comment about the Moth at all . They sail the fastest dinghy under 20', the most technologically advanced dinghy in the world and can spare the time to tell me :" The Moth Class does not need your help or advice"
    But they can't talk about the Foiler Moth on the largest forum in cyber space! Geez, you talk about blowing an opportunity this is a classic example; trully a shame.
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    When are you going wake up and realize that maybe the moth class doesn’t care about getting everybody in the world on foils?
  6. Chris Ostlind

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    Blowing, is it?

    Nobody is ever going to accuse you of blowing an opportunity, Doug.

    I'd say you've pretty well got that one wired, my man.
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    foilr Yes I've sailed one.

    Am I not shiny enough for you?

    How does promoting the Moth to CaptJackSparrow help?

    He says:
    Perhaps suggesting boats with spinnakers and trapezes would be more appropriate.

    SailingAnarchy is big, but that's a huge exaggeration?
  8. CT 249
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    For god's sake, Doug, the Mothies have already got so much publicity that YOU said "From what I've heard current foiler Moth manufacturer's are pretty well backlogged"

    "the foiler Moth is generating a whole lot of serious interest"

    "It has sure shown up in publicity: there has been more on the Moth in Seahorse in the last few years than probably ever before."

    "There are two threads on SA just effervescing with enthusiasm for the foiler Moth. According to many I've talked to in the US ,Austalia, the UK and Italy there has never been as much interest the Moth as there is now because of the super refined bifoil system."

    "I think that this extraordinary level of performance across a very wide range of wind speed is what is so amazing to so many people and why there is such interest(and investment) in the Moth class now"

    "There is tremendous world wide excitement generated by the fabulous technology currently being perfected by the International Moth"

    "KA says they have been overwhelmed with interest in the new boat"

    "The Moth thread on SA is the second most popular "Dinghy Anarchy" thread and I believe reflects a tremendous interest in foiling"

    "Ian has written several articles over the last few months in Seahorse as well as this one."

    and so on, and on, and on.

    How in the name of logic can you complain that Mothies have created "tremendous worldwide interest" because of their great efforts in spending their own time and money in building and writing about the class, then attack them when they don't do more posting and write more blogs!

    The SA guy wanted a trapeze and kite for heaven's sake.....

    While you've been arousing opposition, the Mothies have been putting an enormous amount of effort into creating interest. For you to attack them is bizarre.
  9. Doug Lord

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    Moth on Foils-the illustrious One

    Foilr, my apologies; I misspelled the word whose definition is: 1)Notably or brilliantly outstanding because of dignity or achievements or actions; 2) shining brightly with light. My use of the word referred to "achievements".
    "I like 29er's" -Gee, I didn't see you post about them either in any one of the 54 replies.
    Didn't you notice the fact that very few ,if any,of those people have a clue about the Moth? Don't you realize that a competent Moth foiler speaking to those guys and the rest of the readership might help to enlighten them about the boat and the fun of foiling? How can you ignore that kind of opportunity? Do you feel that the Moth is so great that it's technology and characteristics will flow into the public by osmosis? Didn't you read Rohan's site where he said :" We need more boats" Yeah, but what are you guys doing about it?
    I talked to Keith Notary, one of the best multihull sailors anywhere about the buoyancy pod issue the other day in his shop.I asked him why certain Aussie Mothies would be so opposed to them. He said: "It's an Australian thing". What did he mean by that? He thought they would be a real asset to marketing a monofoiler......
    CT- I was not attackng anyone and I am amazed that those who actually sail the Moth don't participate more in talking one on one on forums about the boat; it completely mystifies me. Well, maybe not completely....
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    Australians dont take the easy way out like most Americans do.
  11. CT 249
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    CT 249 Senior Member

    "What are you guys doing about it"???

    Dougs, they are writing blogs, and building boats, and spending lots of cold hard cash, and (in foilr's case) lending his boat to people, and doing regattas.

    That's what they are doing about it, and it's a hell of a lot more than you are doing.

    And saying that it's amazing that they don't do more and that it's a shame that they are "blowing an opportunity" IS attacking them.

    Maybe Notary was referring to the fact that the 22 million Australians sail about 400 high-performnce monos (skiffs, modern Moths, Canoes etc) and the 250 million Americans sail about 150 of them.

    (and by the way, there's a difference between "illustrious" (what you defined) and "illustrous"....looking closely at Foilr's avatar and you'll see his tongue in his cheek).
  12. Doug Lord

    Doug Lord Guest

    Moth on Foils

    CT-thats not what he meant.....
    And what gives with telling new and aspiring foiler wannabes: " You need to plan on building your boat without foils and sail it as a seahugger for around two years then add foils." At least, I've read that twice from two different people. And one guy in the US who is "promoting" the Moth foiler. I should point out that that attitude is not shared by all Moth foilers.
    This boat is the most significant development in dinghy sailing in 50-100 years or so; it's technology has inspired many people worldwide. Seems like a lot more could be done to get people into the class by making the boat much easier to sail the first time out. Seems like the Bladerider is on the right track with retractable foils-when they add removable pods and start a "Sail a Moth" program Rohan may finally get the boats he's asking for. I'm 100% convinced that the more people that get a taste of foiling the better whether it's the Moth class or the Peoples Foiler. Read what Simon Maguire says about his design rationale for the M4-it's that kind of thinking that will promote monofoiling.
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    Just because you are hurt, don't jilt Foilr

    Doug, intentional or not, you really upset Foilr who must have a better understanding of the language than you think.
    Try this from the English Language Dictionary: Il`lus´trous
    a. 1. Without luster.

    Remember he has friends that sail Moths and you might get them offside as well. This can only compound your existing medical problems.

    Now about Capt'n Jack Sparrow. He is residing in New Jersey. Can you say whether there is even a tiny fleet of foiler Moths there? If not, then what is the point? and he wants a spinnaker and trapeze; for God's sake man relax a bit. We shouldn't all be sailing the same thing nor cloning human beings! :eek:
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    This is your opinion right, or are you taking your last name way to seriously again? No wonder people give you such a hard time about your opinions, you post as if you are the sole expert on sailing technology.

  15. Chris Ostlind

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    Please Read This Article

    Here's an interesting article just published, that takes a look at the decline of sailing in the USA. It's because of groundswell trends such as the one being discussed in this linked article, that a truly niche sport dinghy, such as a foiler, is going to have a nearly impossible task of getting people to not only buy them, but also use them often enough to create any real enthusiasm.

    Talk amongst yourselves
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