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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by CESSPOOL, Sep 20, 2007.

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    CESSPOOL New Member

    I have a 75 Glastron with a Mercruiser inline 6. Now it isn't a powerboat, but I want more power and what better section! Besides, I kinda consider it a Muscle boat.

    The boat is a tri-hull and the engine has a good deal of power, infact it is pretty much a rocket from stand still. But with a boat load, it can be hard to get a tube/ski up and going.

    With just my family though it plains almost instantly and will run over 50 MPH.

    It is just a stock 250 with a 2bbl carb. What are my options if any?

    I did find a cam for it from fireball and I was thinking of a 450 4bbl carb. But I would also like to run the exhaust thru the hull if possible for sound as well, but have no idea what would be involved in that.
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    more power, always better :)
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    It all depends on how much sail do you have? ;)

    kidding aside - it sounds like a power boat to me.
    I don't know any details about your current cam or planned cam - but often times a bigger cam means more hp at higher rpms while losing torque (and hp) at the bottom end. This would make it harder to get that tube/skier going. Same goes for the 4bbl carb, though it may not cost you @ lower rpms, its power benefit wouldn't come on until later - again, no gain out of the hole.

    I've heard 6-cylinder boats with thru-transom exhaust before - it sounds buzzy - kind of like an old grand-am - not the same as v-8.
    Most small block v-8s don't gain anything noticeable from the exhaust switch - I doubt an I-6 will either.

    Converting to a small block would certainly help if you're stuck on this boat and willing to dump a bunch of money into it. It's expensive; but effective.

    Maybe you can try a different prop to help out of the hole - 4-blade?
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