More info on Global Warming

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by rasorinc, Sep 2, 2011.

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    With this little gem hidden in the middle, almost as a throw-away line:
    Yep. Unfortunately, it's become one of the ways a conservative politician establishes his bona fides, right along with skepticism about evolution: by agreeing that all them pointy-headed science geeks can't trump the so-called common sense of a bunch of people who don't even understand what makes their soda pop fizz...
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    To some people, science is opinion, because they deny fact. Those folks who tell me that global climate change is "junk science" are the same ones who say the planet is 6000 years old and created by an invisible sky fairy I must be very afraid of, just because.
    These are the same ones who said cigarettes are good for you because they make money for us, lots of money.
    Mr. Marx (not Groucho) pointed out that capitalism makes money flow uphill, but when all the money is at the top the system is bound to crash.
    Seems he was right and it's happening right in front of our eyes.
    Unfortunately the rich guys own the media, the banks and the resources and really don't need us, since their wealth goes offshore, just like our jobs did, and they are not coming back.
    They also think somehow their air/water/food is immune from "problems" associated with GW, since anything this profitable must be good.
    How to govern a 3rd world country:
    Keep them ignorant.
    Keep them afraid.
    Keep them poor.
    Keep them religious.

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    The science may be right right, it may be wrong or it may be a little of each. Probably the later. In any case, time will tell. What ever will happen, will happen, it's called evolution.

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    Science is admitting you don't know it all and trying to find out what you don't, often by challenging what you do "know".
    All in actual science is subject to logic and repeatable fact, review and examination, that's what distinguishes it from religion and politics.
    On this important subject, we need more science and always will.
    Latest science evidence is that micro-particulate soot is strong GW factor.
    So long as oil=enough money to buy any politician you want, nothing will change except the climate.
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    There are two different questions surrounding global warming, and the Fungangelicals get them both wrong.

    First global warming is a fact. By this I mean that records of global temperature change indicate a clear upward trend in average global temperatures from year to year over the last 200 years. Arguing about this is nonsense. The records prove it, and a thermometer is a pretty politically neutral instrument.

    The only thing that can reasonably be debated in wether the fact of global warming is caused by anthropomorphic causes, or natural ones. Here it would just be necessary to show a natural cause that explains the warming, but so far no one has been able to support any natural occurrence theory that explains the warming of the globe.

    Of course it is also reasonable to say that even if anthropomorphic causes are at fault, it isn't worth doing anything about. Though I would argue that this is a pretty short sited position and one I disagree with.

    To me this is exactly parallel with evolution. We know, and can prove evolution occurs. We can point to things which have evolved over time, and it is the only theory that explains the facts. The weird thing to me is all these evolution deniers could quickly win a Nobel Prize by offering another theory that explains the evidence, but one have been able to. Instead they keep arguing that the describable facts are untrue.

    And anytime you are arguing that the facts of something don't exist you just look foolish. I don't care how much you hate the idea that the earth is round, the fact that it is is easily established. To deny this is just ridiculous.
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    The denial of GW or evolution as a fact parallels the acceptance of the idea that the hyper-rich getting richer is somehow good for all of us as our roads, schools, fire departments and water systems are abandoned as "too expensive" and "must make a profit".
    GW, no matter what the actual causal chain, will take its toll due to our greed, corruption, lack of preparation and all-too-common habit of passing problems off to the next election.

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    well I might as well jump on the band wagon

    Global warming "CONFIRMED" by independent study

    And the Berkley earth project silences the deniers and proves the "whats up with that" guy's a hypocrite who claimed he would abide and respect the findings of an independent study and now that the independent study has confirmed warming, you guessed it, he's questioning the methodology of the study.

    There is a really cool animation of warming over the last 200 years in this next article. If all else fails be sure and take a gander at it.

    maybe I can cut and paste it.
    but it runs through the entire 2°C temp increase over the last 210 years, really interesting flicker
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