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    We are delighted to publish an article by Installation and Mooring Engineering expert Mr Rahul Kanotra. The article is a primer for anyone interested in performing a mooring analysis or understanding how mooring systems are designed, illustrated with an 8-point mooring design example.


    A mooring system comprises of a floating body (or collection of bodies) which are connected to the sea floor (or terminals) by a system of lines that provide restoring forces against external loads. The General purpose of mooring lines is:

    • To keep the body in reasonable proximity of some target location (Station Keeping).
    • To operate in deep water (Drilling Rigs, FPSOs, TLPs, ).
    • To allow re-location of the units such as pipe laying barges.
    • To check clearance with other units or pipelines during drilling campaigns or installation procedures.
    • Loading/Unloading operations.
    To read more, please click on the link or picture below:

    About Rahul Kanotra, C.Eng.

    Consultant Naval Architect, Installation Engineering Expert

    Mr. Rahul Kanotra is a Consultant Naval Architect and Hydrodynamic Expert with extensive experience in large offshore projects, front-end design, and other aspects of installation engineering. He holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He has worked on multiple Research & Development projects and published and presented technical research papers in esteemed international conferences. Mr. Kanotra has extensive experience in numerical and experimental analysis of floating and fixed offshore platforms. He has provided his engineering expertise for multiple Offshore installations across the globe. Mr. Kanotra can be contacted at and through link to his LinkedIn profile
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