Mooring in AQWA

Discussion in 'Software' started by Mikhail, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Hi digijtal,

    If you post or send me your model I might be able to help you.
    You cannot really analyse what you say by just using tube elements. Depending of the seaway you should consider if potential flow or flow separation applies.
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    Hi everybody. I‘m working with a buoy floating in Ansys Aqwa 14.5, Regular waves are generated in a wave tank of dimensions 6m x 0,48 m x 1 m in a water depth of 0,5 m. Waves interactions are calculated with the following body dimensions: height of cylindrical section 0,15 m; hemispherical base radius R=0,15m. The initial position of buoy in the tank is 3 m x 0,24 m x 0,35. The floating buoy will move only in vertical direction (1 dof). How can I get it?. What is the method o solution?. I need only the vertical force (Hydrodynamic force ) with 1 dof
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    Similar problem

    I am facing a similar problem. Can anyone help in providing proper input of catenary connection ?
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    Thanks UTKARSH RAMAYAN! I managed to do the tutorial, I recomend it, many people weren't able to finish it so I uploaded my files, you can find them here:

    I'm trying to simulate a multibuoy mooring system, the progress is slow but steady, I'll try to update the theard with my work, if you could help me though I'll be really thankfull!
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    Hi everyone!
    I am modeling a Spar Structure and did everything like ANSYS tutorials!
    have 2 questions if anyone kindly can help me on them!

    1. In ANSYS AQWA, for Point Mass Input, I saw for a regular ship there is a formula for Kxx,Kyy and Kzz calculation, 0.34*beam,0.25 Length and 0.26 Length respectively. I am just wondering to know is there any specific or rough idea that I can use for Spar Structures?

    2. when I modeled my spar structure, in Analysis of the Time Domain Response when I consider the use cable dynamic as yes I encounter with an error such as bellow,
    " CABIN4:CONV. FAILED STAGE#6 - ERRN=2.49E-10 LINE#4" is there any idea how can I fix this error. if you can help me it would be highly appreciated.

    kind regards to everyone! and thanks in advance for reading my questions!
    cheers, Sal
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    Hello. I'm a master student working on my thesis titled "Comparison of the Uncoupled and Coupled analysis of an FPSO". I'm trying to analyse the motion response of the FPSO while taking into consideration the dynamics of the mooring lines and risers. I'm using AQWA for this analysis. I input the geometry file of FPSO and already defined all the mooring lines and tried to run HTR analysis. The solver stopped with an error message saying "error occurred when creating composite database" and with an error code CCOMIL maximum tension too small. I'm running this from the Workbench. Please help me understand what I'm doing wrong. This is the first time I start using AQWA.

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    Hi CWTeebs,
    I know it has been a long time. But are you still there? I want to ask you how can I define the degrees of freedom of the connection point between a mooring line and a floating structure? I know the software default that the connection point is fixed connection(six DOF is restricted), but how can I change it? Looking forward to your reply. Or anybody who can help me, I would appreciate it a lot!!
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