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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by SAM1, Apr 9, 2003.

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    Guest Slander

    The slander from "Guest" is bogus. First he claims "I bought my 236 Monterey a couple years ago". Then in a follow-on rebuttal he claims he's been slamming Monterey for 6 yrs!

    I own a Monterey 322 yr. 2000 and am extremely happy with the quality and support by Monterey. Think you'll find most Monterey owners feel the same.
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    Happy Monterey Owner

    We could not be happier with our 262 Cruiser. Of course it needs attention occaisionally, but after two hard years of use it looks better today than when it was new. It's well built, heavy, convienent & very safe. A great entertainment platform. Of course we just wish it were bigger. Dont we all.

    As far as service goes, I've found them (Monterey) to be everything we could ask for. I've been to the factory, met people who actually built my boat & have been made to feel part of their family. Any problems have been handled in a proper & professional (friendly) manner.

    The boat & their after sales service & support have exceeded our expectations. I would highly reccomend the brand & the builder to anyone. We have about 30 Monterey's in our cruise club, and everyone seems to feel the same way. So, I know it's not just me.
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    Monterey or Sea Ray?

    I own a 2002 Monterey 248LS on a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it a 7
    I used to own a 1999 Sea Ray 180 & I would rate it a 8
    Both are great I am looking to trade in my boat for a crusier,
    but can't decide on a Monterey 245 or Sea Ray 240, so far I am leaning toward the Monterey.

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    I have a 2001 32' Monterey Cruiser and misplaced the warranty information. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of it online?
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    I Think the problem with this story is that you took the boat to a dealer that WAS a Monterey dealer. I do not see any problem or know of any problem with Monterey's warr. service. I deal with Monterey Boat Company daily. Most problems I see with any Warr. issue is that a dealer is not Proactive with his customer and Warr. issues/.
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    Call Monterey Boats you will not be able to get the information online.
    If you are trying to get Warr. info on the eng. and drive you can get that from a your nearest dealer that handles that line Mercruiser or Volvo Penta.
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    Just e-mail monterey at for that warranty info.I bought a Monterey 245 Cruiser when it was first introduced.The dealer,at the time of delivery did not have the new owners manual,so the factory e-mailed it to me in pdf(?) form so I could have it right away. I also visited the factory and was very pleased with what I saw. I never tested the sea-ray so I can't comment on that boat. Although I haven't had any problems with them,all of
    the faucets on my boat are of the cheaper plastic variety,but I see the same ones on boats costing a lot more money! I would buy a Monterey 302 in a heartbeat if I could afford it ! Tom
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    BTW the cabin door on the new 245 was changed from the Bi-fold door on the 242 to a slider .Not a single drop of water gets in ! Tom
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    The sad man.....

    What a sad little man who speaks so loudly but is too scared to be identified. Let's face it even if he registered he would probably use false details. We are a major service center and service a very wide range of boats. We have first hand experience of all the major brands, their build quality, their susceptibility to failure and their honesty in dealing with warranty work. Monterey's approach to warranty issues is one of the most courteous and honest in the business. It also has to be said that their boats have some of the least need for warranty work. If his case is as strong as he claims and he is telling the truth why is he scared to come out from under his stone?.. and why did he not sue? It also seems he is stupid enough to take the word of someone who "used to be a Monterey dealer"..... duh..... like that is the best place for advice? I would urge the wise not to be easily led by the foolish!

    I doubt very much that his boat is anything like as warped as its owner!

    Monterey's sales speak for themselves and anyone in the business will tell you that demand is way outstripping supply.

    This guy does everyone who reads him a great disservice as he attempts to frighten them away from a very excellent brand. There are other excellent brands as well but I speak here of Monterey as it is they who are being slated.
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    i have a sea ray, and believe me, it is worth it.
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    I have a 242 Cruiser from 2000 with a 190 HP Mercruiser HIN RGFM408B000.

    I need its owner´s manual, wrote twice to Monterey Boats but they have not answered.

    I need to get one in order to make the boat legal in my country, so can anyobody get me a copy of its? or tell me were I could get one? I will pay top money for it.

    Thank you
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    try e-mailing them at They e-mailed me a copy
    while I waited for the hard copy in the mail ! Tom
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    Anything Can Happen

    I too have owned both a 1999 262 and then traded up to a 2001 282 Monterey.I'm sorry that I can't support those who may have had problems with their purchase but if they did I don't understand that the company didn't stand behind the product. Monterey is a first class company and if I was able to get back into boating again I would look into another cruiser. They hold their value, and dollar for dollar their hard to beat. I never listen to those who bad mouth behind screens. I agree with the others the bad mouth may just be an everyday complainer, never satisfied or they desire to destroy a company for something they have not done wrong. Maybe the guest was an past employee and is trying to get even. Who knows but then who really cares. If you are in the market to purchase a boat, check out the Monterey line. I loved my boats so much I used their name. ( For those who want to ask questions or complain :) )
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    Mark Humphrey

    I am looking at a 2001 200LS Monterey. Beautiful boat. Does anyone have any reviews/comments they would like to share on the 200LS. I intend to use it as a family boat for wakeboarding.

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    Life Boater

    Susan - I have a question for you, What state do you live in and where did you buy your boat? I am Curious because I have been looking at boats
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