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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Dumps, Nov 13, 2018.

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    hi can anyone help me with some questions about my 315 Monterey I have just bought
    It’s a 2008 with twin Volvo Penta it has twin fuel tanks and my questions are :
    Are the fuel tanks linked and if so when I put fuel in the port fuel tank always take more than the starboard and fuel consumption I done 18.7 miles with a full fuel tank refilled at the marina and I used 100 ltrs of fuel this was 1 hour of running this seems to be extremely high can anyone tell me if this is normal or what is the specs of this boat
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    If there is a manual for your particular craft, it should explain the fuel system and valves.
    If not, you need to spend some time investigating and creating a diagram of the fuel system to help you understand it.
    It is likely that there is a crossover, hopefully with a valve to isolate the tanks.
    If the crossover is left open during fueling, results can be confusing, and you may not be taking on an entirely full load.
    If it is a diesel, things are further confused with the addition of return fuel plumbing, and it’s associated valves, and their configuration is also important to maintaining fuel levels.
    Your fuel consumption numbers could be accurate, hard to say as we don’t know any specifics of your boat, but remember that fuel consumption is affected by wind and waves, load, and marine growth on the bottom and running gear.
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