Monel 1/4 inch narrow crown staples

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by missinginaction, Sep 11, 2008.

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    Hi folks,

    Well, I've got the new interior of my 1973 Silverton installed and it's time to start installation of the decks. I've been mocking up some deck beams to get the camber of the decks right. I'm using 5/8 douglas fir ply from Boulter Plywood for the side decks. In the bow area I'm laminating 1/2 inch fir over 5/8 inch fir to get 1 1/8 inch total thickness. This is what the people at Silverton originally did in 1973 and the deck held up OK except where previous owners ran screws in. We all know that story.

    I'd like to use monel staples in my 1/4 inch narrow gauge crown stapler (the pneumatic type that runs off a compressor) to secure the 1/2 inch fir to the 5/8 inch fir. I can find 304 or 316 stainless steel staples that will work, but not monel.

    Does anyone have a source for the monel staples I'm looking for? Am I being too fussy about the monel?


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    When I cold-molded my Hacker runabout replica, I could not find a source for narrow crown monel.
    What I highly suggest to you is to use narrow crown plastic staples instead. They are strong, do not need to be removed, they come in brown so they just disappear. You can sand then, plane them, and won't nick your block plane. They worked great. The manufacturere says you have to use their gun, they work in any well lubed staple gun.
    Here is the scource;
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