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  1. PatrickPresti
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    PatrickPresti New Member


    Does anyone know companies that make molds. I am considering starting up a boat business. I am looking to build a downeaster hull in the 23'-24' range. Any help would be appreciated.


  2. Paul B

    Paul B Previous Member

    Most boat builders build their own molds.

    If your boat business can't build your own molds I'm sure you can contact any reputable boat builder to do the work for you.
  3. Greybarn
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    Greybarn Junior Member

    Best mold maker on the East Coast is Marine Concepts. They are located in Cape Coral Florida. We use them all the time
  4. jermze
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    jermze Junior Member

    hi people,
    im curious to know what are the simple methods i need to know about how to build a 16ft foam plug and how do i get the correct measurement, and how to sculp the foam, what tools i need to get the job done if that is possible? and also i need more information on how to make a mold for that plug and is it possible, what do i need? please... thanks....
  5. SamSam
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    SamSam Senior Member

    I'll drag this over from the other thread...

  6. Eric Sponberg
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    Eric Sponberg Senior Member

    Besides Marine Concepts, Seaglass Technologies in Bristol, RI, also can make molds for you; they are very good. Their website is Bill Medeiros is the owner and craftsman. I have been involved in a number of building and tooling projects with him.


  7. plattdesign
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    Hi Patrick:

    Would it be possible for you to contact me?
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