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Molds For sale

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by Nomad, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Manoj Silva
    Joined: May 2006
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    Location: Colombo- Sri Lanka

    Manoj Silva Junior Member

    We do 19.5 ft bay boats. are you interested, if so I can send you photos.
    for details email me on : manoj.silva@arpico.com
  2. buckknekkid
    Joined: Oct 2005
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    Location: north of pompano

    buckknekkid Senior Member

    is anyone looking to partner on a 38 X9 high perforemance boat??
  3. lacasmarine
    Joined: Dec 2006
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    Location: gainesville , ga

    lacasmarine Junior Member

  4. ATCSchaefdog
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    Location: Brunswick, ME

    ATCSchaefdog Junior Member

    I am the Director of a Technology center where we teach students infusion methods. We are looking for Kayak molds in particular so students can practice the methods they are learning...can you help?

  5. gelcoatman
    Joined: Aug 2007
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    Location: new york

    gelcoatman Junior Member

    kayak molds

    I have a kayak mold 2 part with molded inner liner it is a custom design by waren baleough the inner liner has hand carved non slip (flex mold type) surface on the floor it is a 2 man kayak but its a complete open cockpit i did some work for him last summer he was is bad shape health wise when i was done he told me to take it with me he is now in a better place as he died last winter after the sale of his home and estate was complete so this mold was never copyrited but just the same its not for production from what he told me the mold was about 18 years old as of last year i do have the first kayak pulled from the mold it still has the wax and parting solution on the cockpit area it was never used because he determined the layup was too thin needed more glass for strength the mold hoever doesnt have tooling gelcoat it it but it has been waxed probly 30 times 5 sets of parts have been pulled from the mold with no problems.. i think this would suit your infusion class well

    if interested email @ langdellc@hotmail.com make an offer i am located in upstate newyork
  6. fiftysixfactory
    Joined: Aug 2007
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    Location: france

    fiftysixfactory New Member

    small boat molds

    I'm looking for smal sail boat mold,dinghy(sail),cat boat...Thanks to send pictures and prices.These boats must be less than 20 foot.
  7. HubbellWorks
    Joined: Sep 2007
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    Location: Vancouver, Wa

    HubbellWorks New Member

    Is there anything left comparable to the 27' sportfish/dive boat molds. Looking for a good open water/off shore fishing design. If possible please send info and pics.
  8. aml
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    Location: fiji

    aml AJ

    Hi, have you got some really good centre console and cruisers which can be made with the same hull adding decks from 27'-33' Some completed pics of the boats would be great plus does it come with all interior finishing molds as well....
  9. aml
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    Location: fiji

    aml AJ

  10. JEM
    Joined: Jan 2004
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    JEM Senior Member

    $2500 for plans? Wow.
  11. CaptScot
    Joined: Aug 2004
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    Location: New Jersey

    CaptScot Junior Member

    How about a Trawler with sail (a Buehler Troller Yacht), known as a Diesel Duck 38? They are very economical to run and sail with many used for bluewater cruising world wide. All are amateur built and the least costliest way to get out there for the average guy.

    A complete set of professional plans 17 sheets (24" x 36") for a low maintenance fiberglass/wood/epoxy Diesel duck 38 by reknown yacht designer George Buehler. Included on rolls are lofted to full-size most hull station molds.

    As much as I planned and looked forward to beginning this interesting, fun as easily do-able project for a long time, at present building a Diesel Duck of my own is not in the cards. Therefore, I am offering for sale for some lucky person these plans for a bargin price and fraction of the original price of $500, plus postage or make offer. The DD38 plans originally sell for $2,295, see links to Buehler website below.

    Also included are two books: Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilder, Boatbuilding by Chapelle. The Diesel Duck is George Buehler's most popular design with dozens of these sturdy homebuilt ocean going boats sailing the world; see links. Buehler's practical design permits an amateur to build a sturdy boat from scratch with ordinary materials, ordinary tools, custom built to your needs and taste, all for a fraction of the price of a new boat. They are also economical to run.

    There is a member group of several Diesel Duck homebuilders sharing info and photos at Yahoogroup's BackyardBoatbuilders2". Buehler's book "The Troller Yacht" would also be a good book to have for building this boat which describes these type of trawler yachts.

    Easy to build, lots of room for liveaboard cruising, and furnished to what ever your imagination can dream up. The oceans of the world will be your oyster, not just reserved for the mega-buck yachts. My email scottcatherine@yahoo.com

    http://dieselducks.com/Jerrys 38Duck-2.html


    http://dieselducks.com/stock plans.html

  12. Skrok
    Joined: Jun 2012
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    Location: Carlton North

    Skrok New Member

    Boat Mold for Walk Around 21-24'


    I am looking to buy a boat mold for a walk around fibreglass cabin fishing boat which will have a beam of approx 8'6" and a length of approx 21-24'.
    Any thoughts?

    Thank you
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