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molds for sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by outkastoffshore, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. outkastoffshore
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    outkastoffshore Junior Member

    there is a 42 race 42 cruiser 302 mid cabin 300 cuddy cabin 268 cruiser 16 bass boat some molds are new with one are two pulls
  2. rbrooks
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    rbrooks Junior Member

  3. zhaohuifrancis
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    zhaohuifrancis New Member

    I'm also interested in your molds,can you send some pics and details of them to me :zhaohuifrancis@163.com
    thank you!
  4. mterrassa
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    mterrassa Junior Member

    Please send me pics, information and pricing. I am very interested in your molds.


    Miguel A Terrassa

  5. markwang
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    markwang New Member

    Dear Mr.: do you sell resin below mesh in same time? I'm a manufatory of plastic mesh in china.Resin Distribution Net, or Flow Media, is most commonly used for vacuum assisted resin transfer molding and resin infusion. Composite bridge decks using SCRIMP technology is one of many examples. The recognized advantage of our media is that is will increase your resin flow rates, in return, reduce your material and labor costs
    my e-mail markchinawire@yahoo.cn
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