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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by SVMarine, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. SVMarine
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    SVMarine New Member

    I have access to a original 27 ' Yamaha Panga , I wish to take a mold off it .
    Due to a injury , I am not able to participate , but I have several willing workers
    with fiberglass experience , basically just looking for someone to supervise the project , perhaps also build some boats . Boat is in Cambodia .
  2. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    Splashing or pulling molds of existing hulls/boats are illegal and copyright issues are applicable. That said, Yamaha will not take to kindly to that.

    The east are notorious for copying basically everything, even life and limb parts with inferior crap and bona fida manufactures takes a serious stand against this due to failure that may cause accidents or even worse, death as a result taking short cuts and crappy quality...
    Fact is, when such an incident happens, everyone normally assume the manufacture / model name on the item is to blame - even if it is an outright cheap fake - causing serious negative goodwill to the innocent manufacture in question

    Im not saying you will produce cheap copies, but be aware of the legal actions that may result of this. Since this is the biggest boating forum in the universe, manufactures are checking this out from time to time to keep informed or a concerned member may blow the whistle with a manufactures as a gesture of goodwill towards a company.
    Chances are good that Yamaha may already be aware of your intentions...:!:
  3. tunnels

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    You want a project manager person just ask for that person !!! sssshhhh !!!!:p
    Now any one going to work for you is in as much trouble as you could be !!! . its a big company with long feelers so i would shelve the idea !!! Build a close copy and improve on there design and ideas then you are ok !!Its easy to do and goes on all the time every where in all countries .That why there is nothing new in the boating industry just variations of the same old same old .

    I advise you to close this post and think about things for a wee while and reopen a completely new post , get emails sent direct to you and disclose little , only on return emails to individuals . The eyes of the world are watching !!!!
  4. larry presley
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    larry presley New Member

    CEO--ENTERA--Panama City, FL

    Our company (ENTERA) manufactures signage with molded plastic faces. I am looking for an experienced wood mold maker. if interested, please email me: or call 850-392-0826 direct.

  5. KD1
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    KD1 New Member

    pulling a mould and copying a boat is illegal unless you change it by 5% for copy right, I have the experience and can provide a CV, I will be visiting Cambodia soon s for a dive course so could do both at same time, I can be reached anytime ( )
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