Mold and fiberglass fabricator needed

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Bluejacket boat works, Apr 21, 2023.

  1. Bluejacket boat works
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    Bluejacket boat works New Member

    Looking for a person or company to manufacture a mold, from plans, and pop hulls for a model boat company. Hulls sizes average 20 inch to 50 inch. We manufacture about 300 models per year overseas and would like to move over to fiberglass, from wood, and a made in the U.S. label.

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  2. Jeandupont
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    Jeandupont Designer/Boatbuilder

    Hello, I'm interested, i'm at Ft. Lauderdale. Could you send more infos about your business and specifications do you want for this molds and hulls to my e-mail
  3. Kevin Shi
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    Kevin Shi New Member

    Hello, I am very interested. I am in China. Could you please provide me with more information about you? This is my email, . We can also provide services such as 3D modeling.
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