Modified Bolger “Idaho” for tourism. Safe Design?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Tropical Sailor, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Why did you choose this particular design? I always enjoy looking at Bolger designs and have build one of his sail boats (Windsprint). Bolger/Payson books are some of my favorites.

    I'm not keen on this particular design for electric propulsion. I would look at a traditional displacement fantail launch design. Bolger designed one but you can also probably find designs of finer lines.

    A fantail launch with fine entry and exit might be much more suited to electric propulsion. The hull could be strip built and might have more longevity than today's plywood. Molds/frames could be CNC cut and you could use "egg crate" frames to add some strength and provide structure for holding motor/batteries/flotation. One of the things I like about strip construction is that it can be done in spare time adding strips as times allows.

    I would probably seek the advice of a marine architect, insurance people, and authorities before going with a design. The minute public/money gets involved it gets complicated.

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    Selway-Fisher makes some awesome steam/electric propulsion fantail yachts that are very seaworthy...also done in strip plank too...
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