"Modern" version of the 12 Meter Class by Tom Ehman

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Doug Lord, Jan 21, 2016.

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    Since it is going to be a strict one-builder one-design I would think they could make some changes to get the type of function and look they want. I like the cockpit layout, to get all the crew in a good spot and up where they can see the action. I like the idea of keeping the displacement up, to keep it non-planning, for more tactical racing. I don't mind the bulb, but I don't see the need for winglets and such a weedcatcher if it is going to be strict one-design. Also, does it really need a 150% genoa? Isn't that just a rule thing? Why not a bigger main and smaller jib? If the idea is to make more work for the crew, and the sailmakers, why not double headsails? Bring back the J-Boats. :)
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    The 12's race regularly out of Newport so if you are interested in the nostalgia angle you can already participate. It looked like a solution in search of a problem from the beginning.

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    Yep. I only did one 12 race (bow on Weatherly at the NYYC regatta) and loved it, but Ehman's idea seemed to fall somewhere between being a classic class and being a modern boat, and missed each side. The boat looked downright odd to me, and the 12 Metre class was too similar. He also seemed to believe that sailing in SF was a massive drawcard, which is arguable.

    Something more like an enlarged TP52 could be interesting. The TP65 class was stillborn but the mini maxis are doing OK.

    PS - I just checked your link and saw that the 12 Metre class got nine entries to the last US nationals. Not bad.

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    It seemed to me that, for a proposed international event, a lot of the concerns it set out to address were parochial USA ones that international entrants wouldn't be that bothered about.

    Nostalgia for the 12s - well how many countries built more than 3 of them? And how many of those ever raced in the home nation? Not much nostalgia there for most nations...

    AC in Bermuda, not mainland USA. Why would an Australian or a Swede care much?

    Nationality requirements - for foreigners that seems like one of the NYYC home advantage rules which meant that most of the worlds great sailors never got to sail in an AC at all, let alone in a competitive boat...

    One of the interesting things about any kind of class bigger than a dinghy is that they all seem to be regional, few if any have genuine global appeal, even if you define global as all 3 of the regions Americas, British Commonwealth and European and quietly forget about Africa and Asia. Makes it very challenging to set up a genuinely world wide event.
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