modern trailable plyboats catrigged

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    pogo ingenious dilletante

    I admire these functional boats.
    They are lightweight, offer enormous interior volume , are for shallow waters ( trailering) are pretty fast, have lighwight unstayed feathering carbon masts for easy handling and trailering, , look different , are for the last three reasons not for everyone.
    In France they build a lot of plyboats, chined hulls, up to high-end racers.
    Plyboats are very lightweight and easy to build. For cruisers they opt for for only seven panel.
    Faster boats , real fast boats normaly have nine panels.
    Where does the " chine" from modern roundbilged racers comes from. ? Reverse ?
    Performance Plyboats with nine panels, are equal to roundbilgeld boats with chine !
    But that's worth another thread....
    However, Gilles Montaubin's boats are different. In Europe they only have a small market , their owner are " connaisseurs" , yachtsmen that really know what they need.
    This tiny clever yacht is an excellent example:

    please have a look at Montaubin's portfolio.
    You've to click on " Book" ( wrong translation for portfolio)

    Aah, whatever , click yourself thru. I think u have enough experience in " clicking"

    A " Hidesight" , how those boats are built, gives the yard "Etablimarin Chantier Naval".
    They've build a lot of Montaubin's designs, only the carbon masts and spars are from the designer' s own yard
    ( It's written somewhere there, but in french or english ? I don' t remember . Click click . copy paste between gimme my gin, it' 23.45h...;)

    A faster better attempt to plyboats delivers David reard. Nine Panels. Exit at Waterline, narrow waterline .
    UN-BE- LIEVABLE good looking boats . Nearly all of his boats ---no that are ships---have the option liftkeel , or Bilgekeel.

    Click thru, enjoy !
    In Germany one says : " Boah , ey !!!"

    Lecker lecker Schiffe .....

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