Modefying the temprature of water

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by tegaaskfornero, Sep 19, 2011.

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    how many volts can i use to heat up water to 115 degres in like 5-10 mins and wht resistance i need? please help me out. u can also reply to my mail
  2. tegaaskfornero
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    tegaaskfornero New Member

    what about the amount of volts i need to heat up a water to 100 degrees in 5-10mins and wht resistance do i need?
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    tegaaskfornero, I've removed 4 duplicate posts and split this into its own thread as it gets confusing when the same exact question is crossposted in a number of different threads in duplicate. It's best to pick one "best location" for a question and let the discussion happen in one thread. Thanks for your understanding.
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    You can use any voltage you want. The wattage will depend on the amount of water you want to heat. Also, on the insulation qualities of the container, whether the water is being stirred too.
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    I had some questions along to same lines as you have... I think.

    I wanted the luxury of hot water and spent several days googling the subject.

    I'm not keen on having gas on board, so I went on the hunt for a 240v/12v electric hot water heater.

    This might be what your looking for:

  6. Frosty

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    In Europe a water heat called a hand wash is 3KW the small instant heater above a sink.

    A shower that instantly heats water is 6 or maybe 7KW and the wiring needs serious consideration and fusing sperately from all other circuits.

    A 2/3 liter kettle will be 800w to 1.2 KW.

    In the tropics where water enting the heater is rarely less than 25 degrees it will heat for a shower with 3..4KW.

    6KW on a boat would need a good 8kw geny.

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    The power necessary to heat 1 liter of water from 15 to 115 °C in 5 min time is 1.4 kW. If the time is stretched to 10 mins then the power is halved - 0.7 kW. That's for 1 liter, so you need to multiply these powers by the actual capacity of your boiler. For example, a 100 lt boiler will require 140 kW.

    Bear in mind that above 100 °C you are talking about superheated water, which requires working pressures above the atmospheric. For 115 °C, the pressure inside the boiler, piping, valves etc. will be around 1.7 atm (or bar). You have to make sure that all the components in your plant are certified for both these pressures and temperatures.

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