Mirinizing A NISSAN RD8 in Proper Workshop

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    Err.... It is me again with the Nissan Problem. I thought starting a new thread to work on my Nissan RD8, I used to think it was lousy RE8 until the unit was send to United Tractor workshop, where it was welcome and treated like a king:) They point it out that I have actually a RD8 class A 300 HP, This engine was used at Trailer head and logging trucks.This is a durable and trusted model.

    So the engine is going to be check and the whole thing overhaul..... to the last bit. The body will be collected ,sandblast and painted (Catapillar yellow) in my shop.

    I hope the senario of before and after can be seen with progress goin on. Any comment on the marinizing will be apprieciated.

    I will keep posting the process and the parts needed. :)


    P.S. My drinking friends..... 3 mechanic from United Tractor (Balikpapan) distributor of Komatsu and Nissan Heavyduty......

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    Engine start to be dismantle

    Today, the schedule for dismantle of the engine and result show so far a lining and piston need to be replaced while the final result of the check will be based on actual measurement of all spare-part.

    No crack and leakage is however confirmed.

    The block can be transport for sandblasting, maybe 2 days later will be done with bright yellow new paint.


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    Damage Report.

    Damage report:

    The engine was not really in prime condition so a couple of things need to be replaced. The engine is 14,313 cc,.......... could it be 300HP?

    1. All lining 8 piece need to be change.
    2. All piston and ring piston change.
    3. Only one piston shaft is replaced.
    4. One cylinder head is gonna be new.
    5. Calibration on injection unit.
    6. Oil pan will change to new while the extra will be secondary spare-part.
    7. Porting and cleaning.
    8. New parking ,seal and bearing.
    9. Plan new Air - Filter system...... prevent salt build up from air.
    10. External SandBlasting and painting ( Bottom part, use anti-corrosion paint)
    11. Tubing use stainless steel.... from gas industry parts.
    12. Install anti-vibration kit.

    Tommorrow at 11:00 am collect the parts need to be sandblasting.

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    ***** Important if you can efford brand new marine engine with money*****
    ***** Please avoid using marinizing engine, course the process if fun *****


    I have collected major parts of the engine and transport it to sandblasting pit. I use sandblasting because it will take away the oily and rusty surface and ready for immediate painting.

    The rebuild machine will use new parts, I keep the usable second parts for emergency stock on the boat later....... these parts are measured to ensure second life as emergency parts only.

    I am using heat conduct paint that will tranfer the heat from the engine..... out. Making cooler engine. The paint itself can withstand high heat.

    The combination of paint management would be seen after the sandblast. I owned 4 air-compressor for sandblasting, pot and paint set.

    The sand is required mass and high in glass content. Hempel, DIMET and engine engine will be used.

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    Truck engine this size

    just to give an idea of the Truck this engine from....... the picture show a 340HP version which is V8 RF8

    The blasting took 2 trip as cleaning process does take times........ for spareparts


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