Mini Transat 650 Race Team Project

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ND Design, Feb 24, 2012.

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    I am currently starting a new Mini Transat Project where we are going to get a firm design a brand new prototype boat for competing i races mainly in Europe.

    Therefor i am looking for a lot of opinions on the basic design futures ( cantering keel, ballast tanks, etc.)
  2. michael pierzga
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    Identify the competition...then design and build to beat them.

    Its the small details and reliability that wins a race. Most folks who endeavour to make breakthroughs in design fail.
  3. Doug Lord
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    Mini 650

    For a Proto design, see this thread, particularly page 7 and the Sailing Anarchy Mini forum.
    While the scow has gotten a lot of publicity there is a new DSS Mini by Hugh Welbourn that may be a game changer with the advantages of the scow in terms of righting moment and a skinny hull for upwind and light air. Worth thinking about.....
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