Milky Engine Oil After Replacing Cylinder Head

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by 73tomsawyer, Aug 26, 2010.

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    But he got such a great deal on it...

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    I am not sure that oil stop leak is going to help, these usually soften old hard seals, not stop oil leaks in cracked blocks. It appears the problem is water in the oil, not oil in the water. So you have to put stop leak in the water.

    Have you tried the radiator stop leak yet? It is cheap and simple to test, and will not harm anything if it does not work. It it work, you are done. If not you are not any worse off than you are now.

    I think you should just using it as is, until it will not run anymore. I 2nd the opinion that this old engine is not worth putting a lot of effort or money into to get perfect. It was an imperfect design to start with.
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    I have not tried any stop leak yet. It sounds likes the transmission stop leak is safer to try to start off? Not sure how I would run that, what the procedures are?

    I'm also thinking about a new engine. Would I have to get the same one? It would be expensive to get one but I could also get an old block from a junkyard and use that. What do you guys think?

    I do plan on running it until it won't run anymore, but I also want to sell it so I can get a smaller boat. Since I paid for a brand new cylinder head I really wanted the boat to be running good when I sold it, no oil issues. Maybe I should just part out the engine on ebay.
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    These are words of wisdom 73tomsawyer!

    No oil stop leak is gonna help you. Oil in your engine needs to reach gaps of only 1 mil to provide lubrication. Any substance that would be able to fill a crack would also fill all the bearing gaps and leave you with a fused engine.
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    Is it FWC? then just try the block sealer or head gasket sealer from Autozone

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    what caused the block to crack ?
    was it frozen?
    bad core shift so some other part is very thin and hence pin holed or cracked?
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