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Discussion in 'Education' started by sab, Jul 28, 2014.

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    I joined a while ago and always wanted to build a wooden boat. I figured this was a good place to start.. Along the way I got "intimidated" I guess and stopped thinking of a build. Recently I found a place here on Long Island in NY that bumped my confidence back up and I just figured I'd tell others about it and maybe it could help them.

    I looked for a Community college or a local builder who I could learn from but couldn't find anywhere until I found LISEC. It's a non profit place in Port Jefferson that "helps" you build your wooden boat. The cost is contingent on how complex the build is.. The good news is I'm signing up for it- The bad news is the next open class is late 2015. I guess I'll have time to keep studying the plans and buying the supplies.

    Not an endorsement at all since I've never even lifted a tool or worked in the shop yet. More like a "keep at it and you can find a place to help you too" post

    If this is in the wrong spot I apologize-feel free to move it. Along the way thanks for all the helpful hints Ive gotten from here and bits of encouragement. Im sure you all remember the first time you tried a build

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    how big of a boat do you plan on building? often you can just start on a simple dingy, or something like a Puddle Duck (plans are free), using low cost lumber yard materials, just to get used to using the tools and marking and cutting wood. If you do that, and not obsess over making it perfect, you will build your confidence without a lot of risk or wasting money. when you are done you will have something to go float around in, which will also build your confidence. than when you start on your "dream boat", you can either sell or give way your "test build" since it would have served its purpose, and you have not spent much building it.

    Once you start, you will feel much satisfaction of taking raw materials and building them into something fun to use. And you will want to build another...and another.

    stay small and they will come together quickly. when you finally get to the class you will be able to ask more intelligent questions and have a better feel for what you will be doing. This will make the class much more productive for you since you can focus on learning the more advanced skills rather than just basic wood working.

    Good luck and enjoy the process. Nothing to get worked up over, it is just wood.
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