Mig Push/ Pull torch wiring

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by Katoh, Dec 13, 2012.

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    G'Day Again Friends
    I just happened to come across a new push pull gun at the right price and want to use that instead of the old spool gun.
    The wiring looks quite simple but just one part of it I am not quite sure how to approach. It has a standard Euro fitting, that's no drama and also has a separate 5 pin plug. Two of the pins are for the motor power on the pull side, which I will just piggyback of the wires that run the push motor. The other 3 wires are for the wire speed control on the the gun itself, now this is where I'm not sure about were to run these to. Do I piggy back of the speed controller on the mig that uses a 0-2kohm adjustment, but the one on the gun goes from 0-10kohm. the other thing that bothers me a little is that both motors need to work in unison, they cannot have the same rpm as the drive wheels are different in size, but the wire feed needs to be the same or it just wont work properly.
    Any Advice?
    Documentation on the gun is non existent, I have found another forum with wiring diagram but it doesn't tell you what they did with the two separate speed controllers.
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    Don't worry about the wire speed adjuster on the gun, unless your machine is a synergic unit your still going to have to go back to the machine to adjust the amp as well.
    You will find that the gun will require a sync card, you install this piggy backed off of your rollers motor and it controls the speed of the gun. Alot of wire roller motors run a different voltage than your gun will need.
    I have a Binzel push/pull and did not bother with the adjuster at the gun, unless your changing material thicknesses I generaly don't change much during the build of a hull.

    It's not one of those North binzel rip off's is it?
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    you could try a call to your local welding supply shop & see if theres an adapter available...ive had to do it twice now & ive found theres usually only a handful of connectors in industry that even competing companies use example : "I have a millermatic 215 that has 5 pins & want to attatch a 6 pin accessory ..is there a 6 pin adapter available?"...just a guess but that approacxh MAY help
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