Midship section,greatest beam?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Rivercreekguy, Oct 11, 2007.

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    I am drawing a rowboat to build. 10' 6" LOA, 4' 2" Beam. Paper and pencil, splines etc. Glued lapstrake ply, Tom Hill method, flat bottom. The greatest beam falls about midway between stations 3 and 4. Station 3 is midship,station 0 at FP. This greatest beam will not show in the body plan unless I; a.) draw a special station for this point. b.) change the sheer in halfbreadth(don't want to). If I leave it out of body plan and just let ribbands bulge out there? Any thoughts would be appreciated. This is my first attempt, am loving it by the way.
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    It doesn't matter as long as the planks are spring to an even and fair curve. This is a rowboat, and a flattie at that, so a quarter here and there don't matter. Good carpentry is more important than exact adherance to the lines.

    Don't sweat the little stuff.....and wether the midships section is here, there, or exactly perfect is the size of an iota. Just build it because "there is nothing--absolute nothing--half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats".
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    Far far better to let the molds determine the curves at widest beam than to add anything on such a small boat. More important is fairness and symmetry, which you achieve by using quality battens. The final beam should end up very close to the drawn beam, but as jehardiman says, make it fair first and formost. And as symmetrical as is reasonably possible, which does involve measuring, perhaps to within an eighth or so, beyond which is unnecessary.
    But certainly throw away all measurments once you're ready to fair the stations, or you'll drive yourself crazy.

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    Thanks, I sure do appreciate your replies. I get your point and helps to just move forward. However, it is becoming plain that its easier to correct problems on paper if possible, than to change in wood, so I'm trying to be careful. I have another question so I'm going to start a thread. Maybe you'll have some thoughts on that. This is pretty neat, I've built 2 boats but only rarely get to talk to other builders. Like once in five years. So thanks truly.
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