Microcruisers & very thick foam (utubes & blog)

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Owly, Sep 18, 2021.

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    There seem to be a fair number of people with ambitions to do extreme voyaging in very small boats. Among the more interesting is Sven Yrvind an 80+ year old man (Swedish) who has been doing long voyages in home built very small sailboats. His current boat project is progressing rapidly, and is being built of 70mm Divinicell using very interesting methods. It can be seen on his Utube channel in very short daily updates. A 3 masted biplane lug rig with very short masts and small rigs. Another man ( Perry ? ) beginning a similar project inspired by Sven as well as Roger Taylor and others is beginning a his own Ocean Capable Small Sailboat using similar very thick foam construction. There is David Omick who built his Minimus II 23'9" catamaran using 1/2" MDO throughout and constructed using "instant boat" methods. MDO is an acronym for Medium Density Overlay, and exterior grade plywood with a pressed craft "paper" surface on one side designed to be used for outdoor signs. He's tested it extensively. Perhaps the most interesting of the bunch, it has 4 masts.... biplane schooner....intended to be self steering on most courses by setting the sails. All are free standing junk rigs. In sea trials it seems to work as planned, but David is far from an amateur. And of course there is the Wave Rover project, a small dory hull junk rigged boat clearly inspired by Roger Taylor, custom designed for a minimalist circumnavigation.

    This is all great stuff, and 3 Utube channels are giving a blow by blow of the actual construction....... I particularly like what Sven is doing posting a very short snippet every day.... just a couple of minutes long. There are dreamers, talkers, braggerts, and actual doers........ These guys all fall into the latter category doers, and deserve a lot of credit!

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