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    Leo, are you still around here at times?
    I've recently designed a most unusual 3 person marathon racer based on some Godzilla output and would like to add to my previous long ago shareware donation but Cyberaid is no longer online.
    Milton "Skip" Johnson, Architect Emeritus
    some basics of Kraken3's hull
    D 0.38
    LPP 14.89
    T 0.188

    shape parameters
    0, 2.52
    1, 0.428
    2, 2.59
    3, 1.082
    4, 1.086
    5, 0.5001
    6, 0.42
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    If you click on his name it says
    "Leo Lazauskas was last seen: Nov 13, 2017"
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