Michlet 9.33 Released

Discussion in 'Software' started by Leo Lazauskas, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Leo Lazauskas
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    Leo Lazauskas Senior Member

    Your useroff1.csv file has 15 entries where there is a space after the number and before the comma: e.g. 0.0000 ,
    Remove those spaces and it works.
  2. CNair
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    CNair New Member

    Have a question on the graphic output from Michlet runs on multiple hull problems. On Resistance plots I see Rt, Rv, Rh, Rlee, Rw, Rwtrans, Rwdiv. I understand t= total, v= viscous. What are the remaining ones?
  3. CNair
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    CNair New Member

    Rw = Wave, Is Rw = Rwtrans + Rwdiv ?
  4. patrik111
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    patrik111 Junior Member

    Hi, think this will be found in the manual, in the Doc directory.

    it is Transverse and Diverging wave resistance.

    If Leo is reading, hope your break from developing Flotilla and Michlet/Godzilla has been useful. I recall reading about a roughly year other priorities, which might have passed. Are there any plans for releasing updated Flotilla and or michlet/godzilla?

    Kind regards

  5. j42
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    j42 New Member

    Thanks again Leo for the software - I'm trying to understand optimising a rowing boat for a set length and displacement, maintaining some seaworthness and stability - probably ending up with something like a stretched cosine wherrry or whitehall
    As soon as the boat moves there's the transverse waves will mean the surface isn't horizontal on the hull. One can use the sinkage to give the offsets needed for the higher waterline at the the stern and the bow- are those used in the calculations for wetted area, transom drag etc??
    Also presumably a displacement hull given the ends are finer will automatically sink at speed - is that something calculated by the program?
    Or are the effects I'm looking at minimal?
    It's interesting how much there is to learn and how all the effects interact.
    Kind Regards, John.
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