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Discussion in 'Education' started by b1ck0, Feb 26, 2011.

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    Thanks for all responses but I meant if someone has implemented an algorithm for mesh generation in any programming language ? So far, I've read some books for mesh generation and I found out that there are a lot of different algorithms for this job. I also discovered that there are libraries with computational geometry algorithms (CGAL, LEDA etc. ) so I want to ask if someone here have experience in this field to give me some advices or guidances ...

    Thanks in advance!
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    b1ck0, I'm still not understanding very well what you have in mind.

    If you just want to fill a plane with unstructured triangles, you can repeat an algorithm such as the Delaunay triangulation:
    If you want even simpler then you could create structured quadrilaterals then divide them through the diagonal.

    For mesh generation libraries and source codes, you can check also OpenFOAM. Not as good as Gambit/ICEM (imo), but it's a nice tool.

    But if your end purpose is to generate a volume mesh with a commercial software then I don't see the point, because as it was said before by TimB such software can generate both of them, and very well.
    What do you mean with 'manually'? You just have to select the options, such as fineness, max skewness, etc.
    These are good features, not a disadvantage, and I doubt you can obtain anything better with your own code .
    If your problem is just 'repetitiveness' of the mesh generation work, then you can use a text file with the commands that you usually perform to create the mesh, and submit this list of commands to the mesh generator.
    Then it'll do everything you asked automatically.

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    You might get something out of the book "Finite Element Methods for Engineers" by Roger Fenner.
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