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Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by mikealston2428, Dec 17, 2015.

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    Hi all,
    I've 2 questions about a Mercruiser MC1 leg.
    Firstly after removing the leg for maintenance I refitted it to find a gear lube leak in the upper drive shaft that filled the bellow with lube.
    I replaced the oring next to the retainer nut and reinstalled the retainer nut.
    Leaving the leg off the boat to check for leaks I found that the lube is leaking from the inside between the shaft and bearings and not the outside.
    What is causing this is there a oil seal that fits up tight against the drive shaft in the bearing assembly ??

    2nd question with the leg off the boat and in gear should I be able to turn the propeller by turning the drive shaft ??
    I can't turn the drive shaft with leg in gear and am wondering if I've got something not lined up correctly or is this normal ?
    I would think it would turn easily or with it on the boat it would turn it and smash all the gears ??

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    The shaft should be able to be turned by hand, in or out of gear. The water pump has some resistance, specially if the impeller is new. There is a seal in the input shaft. Get a manual and that will show all the parts and procedures.
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