Mercruiser 140 Overheating Engine

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by mtn mike, Jun 19, 2007.

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    Need some troubleshooting help. I am a fairly mechanical guy. I have a 1986 Sea Ray with a 140 hp mercruiser, Alpha One outdrive. Haven't had the boat on the lake in several years but have winterized and tried to take care of it through the years. Upon deciding to sell it I took a friend to the lake to show him the boat. The boat ran fine for about an hour then began to loose power and spit and sputter. I noticed the temp guage going south and shut the engine down at around 240 deg. Had to catch a tow back to the landing. Great day for selling a boat. Anyway, I have opened up the hoses at the water pump to find the insides dry. After I got it home I tried to flush water up through the outdrive with water muffs that slide over the foot. I could not get water up to the engine. I also took the water pump off and although old it doesn't appear to be seriously faulty. After looking at some technical drawings on the net I am wondering if my problem is in the water pump in the outdrive. Does anybody have info for me?
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    yes check the water pump in the outdrive this is the pump that gets water to the engine. it's make of rubber and should be replaced every two to three years (even if grandpa joe has never had the one on his 1955 johnson done) sorry hear that a lot when trying to explain why it needs to be done. anyway the rubber takes set after sitting in storage and it is rubber so it will dry out
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