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    Does anyone have experience with marinisation of mercedes engine 420cdi?
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    I don't have any experience with the 420 but have put countless hours of research into marinizing vw and mercedes diesels. I'm in the need of a 150 to 200 hp diesel. Being a member of a diesel engine swap forum for about the past decade and doing several gas to diesel conversions in Toyota land cruisers I've picked up on a bit.

    First thing is the ecu. Can it be remapped and anti theft programming removed as well as unneeded or unusable electronics? If not can a mechanical injection pump be installed?

    Secondly can it be adapted to fit your application (bell housing, tranny, etc)

    The vw tdi motors 1.6, 1.9 and 2.0 can all be fit with chevy and ford adapters. Price for adapter @1100. The best motors are all electronically controlled (1.9 and 2.0) you can make their ip mechancial but at over 1000 bucks and lose power and economy.

    For about 400 you can have the ecu remapped for more power, delete egt, immobilizer, maf and o2 sensor. Keep economy and gain 10 to 30 horse power.

    On the Mercedes 606 motors, inline 5. Capable easily of over 250 hp (tractor pull guys are pushing over 300 long term on stock intetnals) you can get a chevy adapter for them for around 900. You can have ecus remapped as well. You can spend lots of money having an om603 injection pump built (for high performance) at probably over 1500 bucks if you want mechanical which is where i see high performance guys headed.

    The 420 no doubt could be done but at what cost to as far as i know be a trail blazer. Research the reliability. The mercedes 3.0 v6 diesel is a joke. Found in sprinter vans. I don't know much about the v8. I know their inline 5 dating back to the om617 lasted nearly forever with good care. Modifying a mercedes diesel for power is usually anything but cheap

    As for exhaust i don't look into many factory marinized exhaust manifolds and what not.

    For my build i plan to ceramic coat the outside of the turbo manifold and heavily insulate and ceramic/lava wrap the manifold and use a dei turbo blanket. Ill run water injection to the down pipe. My santa cruz 26 has a engine hatch with a seat on top. I plan on installing intake fans on the sides of the hatch and using bilge blowers to suck out the hot air.

    Usually i see 4x4 guys doing diesel swaps and ecu mods way before i see boat guys doing it.
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