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Melges 24 - 26" Half Hull Model

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by zumaboat, Jun 19, 2008.

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    zumaboat Junior Member

    MELGES 24 - Large Half Hull Model​

    The model is 26" (66cm)....

    Melges 24 - Model Details

    * 26" (66cm) model has Cabin top, Bow Sprit and Cockpit details.
    * Each model will be custom built to your specification.
    * Model is built with Gelcoat & Fiberglass (not plastic..) using 4 parts molds.
    * The model dimention is 26"(66cm) x 9.25"(23.5cm) x 4"(10cm).
    * Backboard dimention is 28"(71cm) x 12.5"(32cm). Weight is 10LBS(4.5Kg).
    * Your choice of the backboard (Teak, Rosewood, etc...) and Name plaque.
    * Delivery time is 4-7 weeks.
    * Any graphics on the model hull need to be quoted.

    * Price : $ 330.00 (US) + shipping. (we ship worldwide..)

    Please contact Mas at zumaboat@mindspring.com[/COLOR] or please visit the web at http://www.halfhull.net[/COLOR] for more details.

    M 24 model with Hawaiian Koa wood backboard....

    M 24 model with Lacewood backboard...

    Model has open cockpit details...

    * We have the line of Melges & J Boat production models and the stern models. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have....

    Zuma Boat Inc
    656 East Paces Ferry Road
    Atlanta, GA 30305
    (404) 272-7889
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