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    1st post...picked up a late 50's early 60's 25' galvinized steel hull- looks to be a semi plane or full plane...I am just getting into this. Plan on re-designing the hull a bit and hopefully will be building a cabin on it next summer and have a lot to learn...I do restore cars presently and weld, do my own bodywork, paint and rebuild engines but have never worked on a boat of any kind. I think the hull is a metalcraft out of seattle area.

    Anyway, it came with an engine and gearbox that i bought seperately. Turns out to be an old big block 430 or 462 Mercury, Edsel, Lincoln (MEL). Don't have it yet and am not sure what displacement it is for sure. I know the 430 is the first automobile gas engine to make 400hp but that is about it...oh and rebuild kits are over a grand, and was made from '58-mid 60's and replaced by the was only seldom used in the bigger cars and marine applications.

    Searched and found nothing...can anyone enlighten me?

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