Medium weight software for simpler STEEL SHIP structural design thru to NC file generation

Discussion in 'Software' started by Annode, Feb 29, 2020.

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    Assuming medium weight to mean CAD tools like Rhino for hull design and perhaps Maxsurf for hydrostatic analysis, what is available for designing interior structural framing, testing the design, moving lateral frames further apart and retesting, then spitting out NC cut files to send to the boatyard.

    I am interested in the 25m to 45m range of metal boats, inc sailing, motor and motor sailing.
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    Your brain, education, and training will help you select the correct analysis method and program(s) based upon the unique structural situation you have planned to meet the design requirements.
    Really, no suite of programs replaces knowledge and experience. Computer aided calculations are just faster...not more correct. Think of a computer solution as a chain saw, it just allows the tree to fall on the house sooner if you don't use it correctly.
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