Medication for epoxy sensatisation

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by laukejas, Jun 28, 2020.

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    Will Gilmore Senior Member

    It's good to hear back from you, laukejas. I'm glad you're able to lessen the effects of your allergy to epoxy.

    I hope all works out for you. Please keep us updated and, ...I'd love to see pictures of your work.

    -Will (Dragonfly)
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    Friend Chotu is not wrong. There are many horror stories on this topic in many domains where people work with epoxy. The risk is real, and it grows with each exposure. I humbly suggest that each exposure compounds the risk. At least that is what others before you have left as record for us.

    But, we are where we are.

    Does the shop have sufficient windows to exhaust the air? I guess you want flow, so the air needs a way out.
    If not, consider making a large hole to let the air out. Maybe mounting the fan is said hole would be good.

    If you have airflow, you may considera damp towl over your head that the flowing air can cool, wrapped desert style. Cooling the head is a big deal.

    Have you considered something like petroleum jelly or another safe oil/grease as a hand cream. Might stay longer/ be more sweat resistant and protect more.

    Rob just mentioned on the mail list an eco epoxy. Not sure its even relevant, but Polar Industries, Inc. Zero VOC Epoxy Resin Systems

    I would not worry about the strength of replacement epoxy. With a wood boat I expect the weak part wont be weak epoxy.
  3. laukejas
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    As I have shown in a picture a while back in this topic, I work with open garage doors, but there are no windows because there's other garages on both sides. Yeah, I do keep a damp towel over my head/neck all the time :) I checked out that link, thank you. I even wrote them, but unfortunately they do not ship to my country.

    In any case, I went with more Pb-88 cream, and I'm happy to report that my epoxy allergy is completely gone. No rashes or itching whatsoever, even after big glue-ups and coatings of large surfaces. I guess that did it. I will edit my first post to include the combination of solutions that helped me so others can find it more easily. Thanks a lot, guys!

    Once I finish my boat project, I will make sure to post about it, with all the pictures and videos from the build. There will be quite a lot. Stay tuned :)

    P.S. Damn, I can't edit my first post. So to everyone who might be experiencing similar issues, here is what helped me:

    *Installing a powerful fan to circulate air in the workshop;
    *Pb-88 skin cream (lots of it);
    *Double vinyl gloves;
    *Respirator with organic vapor filter.
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  4. Will Gilmore
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    Will Gilmore Senior Member

    That is very good news and thanks for letting us know how everything is going.
    Stay cool.

    -Will (Dragonfly)
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