Measuring distortion

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    This thread is mostly for you engineering and architect types but I think most switched on builders will see the value in what I am doing.

    For years cartographers have been using photogrammetry to map the earths surface in 3D. Now, new software that uses what is referred to as "Close Range Photogrammetry", allows us to use digital photography to model, in very accurate detail, 3D depictions of complex surfaces. In many cases I can show accuracy to within 1/10 of a MM over a 1 meter area. (Given the incentive I think I could even surpass that with higher density cameras) That accuracy will give me information that will allow me to measure deformation caused by loads to a structure generated during sailing.
    I believe there is much to be learned from this information.
    Close range photogrammetry has many uses other than that described. It is very useful in the capture of any shape for use in 3D modeling. Any one interested in utilizing this method on an experimental basis can contact me.
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