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    Does anyone know if the signal MDO offered at Harbor Sales of Baltimore is of good qulity for marine use?
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    A number of production builders have used MDO in their products. MDO has the APA 1-95 stamp so would qualify as marine, but I'd use it as bottom planks in small light weight craft, but not in cruising hulls or larger or heavier power boats. Topside planking, bulkheads, furniture, cabin sides, etc. it works fine. In recent years the quality of the material has dropped somewhat, though the wood used is still marine grade the number of plys and construction have slipped. In heavier boats and power cruisers, the bottom needs be a bit tougher then I suspect MDO can be had, without a custom order from a plywood plant. BS1088 on the bottom and MDO on the topsides in those cases.

    What does your project call for (what's on the plans)?
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    8knots A little on the slow side

    Check with a local sign supply, They will have it readily! But I will caution you though.....PAR is right The quality of MDO has delcined and as of the end of the third quarter this year is up 22% What I used to sell by the skid at $39.00 goes for $58.65 (good 2 sides primed) Dont settle for good 1 side to save a few bucks! regardless of treatments to the raw side it WILL warp. If you can get unprimed I think I would run that option over pre-primed Factory primer is good but have has been know to fail over the years.
    just a tid bit for you! Good luck 8knots
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