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    I have a original maxsurf lock
    for version 8.0 with the original cd
    and user manual , the program its very similar
    to the last version of maxsurf 9.52 and work perfectly
    if somebody is interested the price is $1000 .I send it anywhere.
  2. Andrew Mason
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    Andrew Mason Senior Member

    Just to let people know that we have no problems with copies of Maxsurf being sold or transferred to different owners, and we are happy to upgrade and support those new users.

    I would caution people to check with us before buying a second hand copy of Maxsurf to verify that it is legitimate (i.e. not stolen or copied in some way) - we have records of all copy protection devices sold and can verify very quickly that what you are buying is OK.
  3. josephpraful
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    josephpraful New Member

    is the second hand maxsurf version still available? or is there any other source?
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