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Discussion in 'Software' started by ErikG, Oct 11, 2003.

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    When making a 0009 profile MaxSurf and comparing it to a published 0009 profile in "Theory of wing sections". There is a significant difference around the forward 20% of the profile...

    The published profile is blunter and slightly thicker than Masurf's built in 0009 profile.

    Why the difference? Andrew?
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    You appear to be correct, the section looks to be wrong. I have redone the fit using Maxsurf Pro's surface fitting code and this gives the following control point x and y positions -

    -1000.0 0.0
    -940.9 7.3
    -800.5 20.9
    -593.2 35.3
    -370.2 46.7
    -176.0 43.9
    -79.3 34.5
    -1.4 16.7
    0.0 0.0

    These co-ordinates are in millimeters and are using 9 control points and order 4 splines. I will ammend the 0009 template in the shipping version of Maxsurf to reflect the corrected control points

    The fit for the leading part of the aerofoil looks like this, compressed 4:1 along the longitudinal axis -

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