Maxsurf Pro12 for sale

Discussion in 'Software' started by StudioModus, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. StudioModus
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    StudioModus New Member

    I have an extra seat of Maxsurf Professional 12.09 with Hullspeed. HASP Dongle, software, and all packaging. Will sell at a huge discount from cost as new.
    Tech Support and software update subscription expired July '08 but can be renewed through FormSys.
    All serious offers will be considered. Will ship International.
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  2. CET
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    CET Senior Member

    Jon - just sent you an e-mail.
  3. zeroname
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    zeroname Naval Architect

    hy everyone... whose nick name is " tranthihongvan " is a kind of cheater.. i was affacted by his cheating when i was going to exchange autoship for NAPA license.. he is not a naval architect.. he used to sell pirate softwares.. u can search in google by his email id. he will ask u to send ur software or file first but he will not give u anything in return.. he send me napa license by changing the date manually of an old expired license.. i think admin of this forum must check his activity.. he always ask people to mail him or to add him in yahoo messenger.

    @studiomodulus: please if u go to exchange software ... dont give him anything at first.

  4. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    <moderator action - tranthihongvan posts removed due to complaints>
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