MaxSurf .iges import and NURB surfaces

Discussion in 'Software' started by papiylon, Dec 6, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    I'm new here, I made a quick search but couldn't find any thread related.

    My team mate created a cad in SolidWork for a canoe type of hull of the boat we are currently working on. He sent me the .iges version with the nurbs activated. Unfortunately, when I open it in MaxSurf, there are 35 surfaces and no way to join them together. There are no control points workign and it doesn't look like it is letting me edit the already in place surfaces.

    Does anyone here has a solution? How can I edit the surface in maxSurf to obtain control points?
    I would latter need to do a resistance analysis, but since I have 35 surfaces, it is not working properly.

    I have MaxSurf Advanced, the academic version.


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    papiylon when you you import surfaces into maxsurf only take in one side of the hull (port side) and let maxsurf create the other (symmetrical) side, that will reduce your surfaces by half. You can delete the surfaces on the other side also, but both will require you to to turn on the “symmetrical box” in the surface properties. Also when surfaces are imported the control point are locked so you can’t use them just turn them on( menu “surfaces > locking”. You maybe able to “Bond” some of the edges to make a single surface with common edges.
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