Maxsurf - how to rotate and invert the plan

Discussion in 'Software' started by anONY_123, Aug 12, 2017.

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    I am beginner in naval design on MAXSURF. I imported an IGES file after drafting my design in SOLIDWORKS. Can anybody tell me how to INVERT THE PLAN view to align with the base line & zero mark with my canoe keel AND how to ROTATE the BODY PLAN view so that i can get a proper front view?
    What other references should i take care after importing the CAD file from solidworks into MAXSURF....Should i directly go for analysis?
    I am working on my semester project, your help will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    AnONY 123 when you import into maxsurf you can change the import parameters for the file to a line the model to the correct alignment, also it would be better to import only one side then turn on symmetrical in surface properties.
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    In addition to the advices of @bhnautika I think you should check that the coordinate system you use in SOLIDWORKS are correct and that the model is well located on those axes.
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