Maximum Step Angle in a Sailboat

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Contraband, Jul 11, 2006.

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    Hi everyone,
    A very quick, hopefully simple question: From some references that I have I can get the minimum recomended tread depth for steps in a sailing boat, can anyone give me a reference, a suggestion or recomendation for the recomended angle for a set of steps in a sailing vessel, I am working on a catamaran, but I guess this angle is relatively generic. Any suggestions are appreciated and welcome!!
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    Contraband There is two definitions, stairs and ladders. Stairs are between 26degrees to 45degrees and the projected tread for stairs changes with the riser height with a minium riser of 150mm to max 220mm. For min tread use formula 45000/riser in mm and max 48000/riser in mm.
    Ladders (step) should not be less than 60 degrees or more than 70.The projected treads should not be less than 100mm wide with a minimum distance of 150mm from the back. Riser height between 200mm and 250mm.
    Rung-type ladders should not be less than 70degrees or more than 75, with rung spacing of not less than 250mm nor more than 300mm apart.
    Hope this helps.
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