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    Down floor engineer, shipwriht, team leader, for composite Works and infusion process, looking for job opportunities oversea

    .I have a long experience in boat building(since 1972, still working on a 100’ sailing yatch (Lucas Brenta- CNB/Beneteau-group) and a strong technical expertise in the following fields.
    • Superviser for composite Works, technical adviser, and team leader: models/masters/plugs/moulds for production line,and
    one off line Luxury sailing yachts up to 120’ (Best sail award Miami Boat Show) /hull/deck/structures/assembly/fittings/
    • Cabinet maker, classic wood works and composite works
    • Skilled workman /foreman on modern wood works techniques/strip planking/cold laminated hull/plywood/epoxy wood
    • Apprentice/skilled wood work/ naval carpenter/foreman on wooden boat shipyards
    my own artisanal shipyard (74-81)
    • Technical trainer: Technical school for Adults
    • Technical procedures for on line Beneteau and Catana sailing boat mass production.

    Regards. F. DUWEZ
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