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Discussion in 'Materials' started by snowbirder, Feb 28, 2015.

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    I typed vinyl "with foam back" and got over 8 million hits. It is a very common material
  2. snowbirder

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    ha ha. I'll try again. Thanks
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  3. snowbirder

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    Well, here is my quote.

    "If you shipped it via UPS Freight the shipping charge is $139.64
    however she can give you a 15% discount on a full 40 yard roll.
    Total would be $885.94"

    Does that sound right for foam backed vinyl?

    Can anyone else help me source this?
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    They make headliner that is vinyl with tiny holes. It was in my Carter 33 and I contemplated replacing it. I believe Hamilton Marine in Searsport Maine had it on the roll.
  5. snowbirder

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    Thank you for the reminder about Hamilton Marine in general. They have good prices.
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    do you have any pictures with your project?
  7. snowbirder

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    I do. I could share them privately with you.

    It is a very recognizable and internet famous boat. I am trying to keep private.
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    LP Flying Boatman

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    Nice Thread...I am currently undertaking a major refit of my CheoyLee, Much of my yacht is timber veneer and the old roof lining is of the vinyl type that frankly looks terrible now, I also have much exposed fiberglass roof. My material of choice is 'lamipanel' for the roof, and much of the old veneer work.
    Lamipanel is possibly more expensive than other lesser products, and slightly more difficult to work, however the finish is second to none, it is almost totally water tight, perfect for all wet areas, durable, easy to wipe clean, very bright and will compliment most surroundings.
    I did look at a few other products, however have always come back to lamipanel. I am actually doing all this work on the water, so working large sheets of lamipanel is no easy feat singlehanded, it also takes a little finesse and care when cutting, using the correct hand saw, jigsaw etc. But if you are after a lasting and very practical solution, it is difficult to pass it by, I love the finish.
    With no disrespect intended to other suggestions, especially for the roof, I would well steer clear of going down the vinyl roofing street, I currently have this, it is cheap to replace, however mold and moisture will not be your friend, the little holes 'will' eventually become clogged, cleaning is difficult, and as mentioned, mold will certainly ensue without fail. It was an okay product back in its day, looks okay for a few years, however is far superseded now. The clean, bright and very easy to clean finish of laminate is far superior. Yes, more expensive, and I am no millionaire, however the expense is well worth it. Unless you simply can't afford a more expensive product, I would consider putting the vinyl roll on ebay. Best of luck.
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  11. snowbirder

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    Yup. I went to Sabic Polymers. They have literally everything plastic. They had a hard, kind of brittle, white pvc sheet I glued uo with my polyurethane hotmelt gun. Perfect stuff.

    Vinyl i have will be saved for corners.
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    Good idea, although I am not sure of the laminate you are using, if it is lamipanel, it will be double sided laminate sandwiching a Masonite material. Generally needs to be screwed in if used on a roof. However, if you are using any type of laminate, it should be better than vinyl. I only stress it as I was advised this way by several people because I was initially going to use vinyl also. :)
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  14. CheoyLee39
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    Yes, it's possibly the same....I purchased lamipanel sheeting from Bunnings (Australia), it costs around $160.00 per sheet. And yes, if not cut correctly can be a little brittle, however once cut and in place is brilliant.
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