material for stiffing hiking backpacks?

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    light but stiff sheeting materials for increasing pack firmness? - Backpacking Light

    These guys also seem to be struggling to find the right stuff. This stuff, mentioned in article, is way to flimsy and once bent/broke will lose all strength in that direction, like construction paper or corrugated cardboard. Maybe make 3ply with spray glue.4mm White 24 x 36 (4 pack) Corrugated Plastic Coroplast Sheets Sign | eBay

    Should be light, stiff but not too stiff, and (hopefully) cheap and easy to trim to whatever pack happens along. Also shouldn't take up too much space. Its important to fine tune something that is attached to your body for extended periods.

    I'm thinking maybe a lattice of sticks instead of a sheet, but that sound labor intensive and generally problematic, but would aid back-sweat venting. One of the main reasons for wanting a stiffer is not just that it makes the load easier to carry but makes the pads and their venting scheme work (vs having a sack plastered to your back).

    I'm nuts about anything Duel Use, so maybe the right guage of plastic cutting board and trim to size?

    Maybe thin cutting board and 20mm x.5mm wall tubes in rectangle?

    I know a guy that made some very feather weight skim boards by honeycombing stiff foam and stretching carbon and kelvar, but it was a labor of love.

    IMO backpacks and small boats go together. I recommend this one, its got tons of diff compartments, and functions as good as ones at 5X price.

    This foam is almost right. Its a bit thick but OK, and could be bit stiffer but DOUBLES as a general purpose seat/pad. Only real prob is can't find it in bigger than 16" at max. Nice and light, and cheap. Jumbo Garden Knee Pad Kneeling Kneeler Mat Soft Foam Home New 12"x16"x4/5"(20mm) | eBay

    This might be the stuff. IIRC poly carb is what they make eyeglass safety lens and pistol holsters out of. Plus some with factor End Clips which should add strength in that direction. I figure poly could be drilled or cut as needed for lightening, straping and venting.Suntuf 26 in. x 6 ft. Polycarbonate Roof Panel in Clear-155030 - The Home Depot
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