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Discussion in 'Education' started by prasanna, May 4, 2011.

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    Greetings everyone..
    I am about to complete my Undergraduation in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in Indian Institute of Technology.(Btech, 4 years)
    My grades are let's say abysmal. And I have got a job in a ship related company now. My interest is still in designing boats and become a good Naval Architect and answer like some of those senior members in this forum! :)
    So, I am thinking like working for one year and learn whatever possible in design through online resources. And then apply for masters in any good American/European Universities.

    So, here are my two questions.
    1) Where can I learn ship design from scratch to whatever extent possible?
    2)Suggest some good schools where I can apply for (I need financial aid too, as I am not wealthy enough!)

    It will be highly appreciated if any one take the time and give me some suggestions.
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  3. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    Firstly whilst your goals are admirable, they are incompatible

    To become a good naval architect takes on average a minimum of 10 years, this is via academia and many years on the job training. A one year course shall not be sufficient nor shall online resources.

    You should read these threads for more info:
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    Please be more specific about your future education ... I suppose that you are looking for English taught master course, I hope that you know that you will need a IELTS or some equivalent to do that. Believe me the requirement to study in English really limits your choice, because you need to go to UK or in any Scandinavian country ( or USA ) and this automatically will bring you a lot of financial problems. And just remember that the financial aid is not a gift and there are a lot of requirements to get an aid. If you have further questions, please ask. :)
  5. prasanna
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    Thanks guys. Yes, I am looking for Masters in English and yeah, I know aid is hard to get. But as of now, all I am doing is reading Principles of Naval Architecture whenever I find time and thinking where to apply.
  6. vinafk
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    good.. keep reading book..

  7. cracker
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    Not sure why you think you need a Masters. It may be hard to land a good first job with bad grades on your transcript, but keep trying. Not sure if you need a BE in India to be a professional engineer, or whether a 4 year BTech will get you there.

    Either way, you need some years working under someone who will show you the ropes better than any book every will. The choice is your if you need to upgrade your degree to BE as to when you do it. Perhaps if you can get a job with a larger company, they will give you leave without pay to upgrade (once you have shown them that even though you have bad grades in the past, you are a good worker, and show intelligence beyond your grades when you have some real world problems to deal with).

    Maybe you might need to start at a level closer to design drafting, then show them you know stress/strain/section modulus/stability, and hope to get into more design related areas.

    Good luck
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